ProsperChinaTM MediaPlanIQ


The consumer-centric ProsperChinaTM MediaPlanIQ is the next plateau in driving ROI. Knowing how consumers are influenced to purchase through consumption of different media categories (including traditional, digital, and in-store) is essential for consumer-centric allocation. It is resource allocation at the beginning that holds the key to increased ROI.

About ProsperChinaTM MediaPlanIQ

For almost a century, marketers have struggled at attempting to estimate or calculate the returns received from their marketing and communication investments. It is resource allocation at the beginning that holds the key to measurement success. The issue in marketing measurement is not how much the firm spends or what media and communication tools it uses. It is whether or not the consumer accepted or internalized those efforts.

By connecting media usage, media influence to purchase in nine product categories, and shopping/ consumption data from the ProsperChinaTM Quarterly Survey with advanced proprietary analytics developed by Don Schultz, Ph.D., Martin Block, Ph.D. and Prosper Technologies, advertisers are now able to generate idealized media allocation plans for a broad array of products and services using ProsperChinaTM MediaPlanIQ.

ProsperChinaTM MediaPlanIQ Advantages

  • Holistic view of consumers and their media behaviors
  • True inter-media usage knowledge (across media categories)
    − Other solutions are intra-media (comparison of vehicles within a media format)
  • Only view of media consumption in both online and offline media forms
  • Beyond Media
    − Sales promotion, in-store, word of mouth
  • Trends—China Quarterly
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