ProsperChinaTM Quarterly Survey


Since 2006 ProsperChina has been conducting the largest online survey of consumers in China. The survey tracks vital information, such as shopping behaviors and media behaviors and future purchase intentions. These insights are valuable for businesses in China, but also to those who want to know more about Chinese consumers shopping behaviors and media consumption or to compare it to their own market.

The ProsperChinaTM Quarterly Survey provides insights from Chinese consumers between the ages of 18 and 54, with a primary focus on upwardly mobile 18-34 year old consumers. This segment represents an estimated population of 360 million, with 184 million being men. This group of digitally connected consumers in a large market for luxury brands with a high potential for sales in other markets. The surveys are conducted online and they cover purchase behaviors, brand preferences, purchase intentions, media consumption, simultaneous media usage, and media influence on purchases.

The ProsperChinaTM Quarterly Survey continuously tracks the following variables:

  • Cross shopping
  • Life events
  • Deferred purchases
  • Major purchase plans
  • Demographic information
  • Media usage (22 different forms)
  • Economic confidence
  • Online search
  • Influence of various media on purchases
  • Personal financial plans
  • Leisure time activities
  • Purchase intentions
  • Reasons shopped


Custom ad hoc surveys

If you have a one-time need for answers, we offer a full range of custom research services and the unique value of delivering thousands of completed surveys within days at a price not seen elsewhere in the industry. Our clients are significantly reducing the cost of gathering intelligence and doing more research for less cost. Market studies are performed quickly and turned around with actionable insights.

Prosper has been actively involved in business development activities in the China market since 1995. Prosper has worked with large multinational companies by helping them enter the market or develop a strategy for growth in China.

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